Therapy Salon opened in 2014 because Sarah Zebb felt there was a need for a salon that embraced Aveda’s mission and offered a professional, yet relaxed, salon environment. We are passionate about giving each and every one of our guests an exceptional experience.

Sarah has been around the industry for over 30 years. Since she was a child, she looked up to her aunts that managed to make a career in cosmetology, despite living in a country that discouraged women to pursue such dreams. After moving to the United States when she was 16, Sarah quickly decided that this was the career she dreamed of. She studied hair color at Aveda and Bumble & Bumble, and throughout the years, developed a love affair with natural looking hair. She pursued this career that fulfilled her passion to make people look and feel beautiful about themselves. Sarah’s theory is that hair color should be enjoyable and fun. It should compliment the skin tone and eye color, as well as their unique expression and lifestyle.


Making a difference in our community is the cornerstone of our mission and company culture here at Therapy Salon. Whether it’s through fundraising for children’s cancer research, or supporting the local school district, we believe our destiny is to give back and work for the greater good.


We are an eco-friendly salon, and believe it is our duty to practice environmental mindfulness everywhere possible. As an eco-friendly salon, we’re committed to making the world a more colorful place. We feature Aveda products that are up to 96% naturally derived from organic ingredients, and packaged using 100% post-consumer recycled material.


Therapy’s stylists work with this Sarah’s theory and Aveda’s overall mission. They are highly trained with Aveda hair products and continue to advance their skills from Aveda’s finest industry educators, keeping up with the latest techniques, trends and styles. With thorough consultations, our professional staff strives to deliver your vision. They believe, it is not only important to provide the perfect look and style you desire, but to also give you the therapy treatment you are searching for.

About Our Standards

We are Proudly Barbicide Certified and abide by the following:

  • An adequate amount of BARBICIDE®/CLIPPERCIDE disinfecting products will be maintained
  • Fresh BARBICIDE® product for disinfection will be mixed prior to opening each day and disposed of at the close of business.
  • We will ensure that all non-porous implements are properly cleaned prior to disinfection.
  • We will ensure that only cleaned and disinfected implements are used on a client and each implement must be cleaned and disinfected between uses.
  • We will ensure that all single-use items (neck strips, -disposable capes, etc.) are disposed of after a single-use.
  • We ensure that every employee will perform proper hand hygiene before and after each service.
  • We ensure that sick employees will not be allowed on the premises and that sick clients will be rescheduled to a later appointment
  • We support a decision by an employee to deny service to a client exhibiting signs of sickness or infection.
  • We require all clients and employees before entering the salon to show proof of vaccination.
  • Only properly cleaned and laundered towels will be used for any service.
  • We will ensure that restrooms will have an adequate supply of liquid soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.
  • We will ensure that PPE is available to all employees at all times.
  • All work stations must be fully disinfected daily.
  • We ensure that all Health & Public Safety Rules of the State are being followed.