Hair Color

Hair Color

Up to 99% naturally derived with a signature blend of protective plant oils including sunflower, castor and jojoba oils infusing the hair with amazing shine for essentially damage-free results.



$80 -125+

New Growth



$115 - 135+

Roots to Ends



$60 - $90+

Face Frame Highlight



$130 - 160+

Partial Highlight



$160 - 210+

Full Highlight


Consultation required

$160 - $250+




$135 - 155+

Enlightener Blonding & Toner



Consultation required

Fashion Color



Consultation required

Going Lighter/Corrective or Customized Color




Olaplex Add-On Service

Olaplex is system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. This add-on service allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair; a reset for your locks.



$155 - 195+

Partial Balayage



$185 - 225+

Full Balayage

Color prices are determined by the length and density of your hair and the amount of time required to achieve the desired result. A quote for price will be given during the consultation.

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