We are growing! — and expanding our salon family with well-chosen team members who fit our workplace culture.

- an educational salon. Team members have many opportunities to hone their skills through advanced workshops and training. We provide in-house coaching to help service providers reach sales and service goals.
- an environmentally friendly salon. We are an Aveda concept salon, and we only use and recommend Aveda’s sustainable, high-quality products and treatments. We reduce, reuse and recycle on every level. Our team members enjoy a clean, holistic workplace free of harmful chemicals and toxins.
- a socially progressive salon. We are dedicated to being a vital and positive contributor to both our immediate community and the global community. We maintain a high level of respect for the planet and everyone on it.
- a fashion-forward salon. We are a style authority, from classic looks to cutting-edge trends.

- positive, motivated, and take pride in your work. We operate on a commission basis proven to be the most lucrative pay system for professionals in our industry. Possess all three of these qualities, and you’ll thrive.
- career-driven. Therapy Salon stylists constantly participate in expert trainings to bring their skills and knowledge to the next level. We don’t provide jobs we provide a career path to wherever your ambition takes you.
- guest-oriented. Our salon culture revolves around going above and beyond our guests’ expectations. When we all put the guest first, we work smoothly as a team.
- stylish and on trend. Our team members’ personal style should always reflect their role as fashion and beauty experts.

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