About Us

About Us


When you enhance the way you look, it sparks a jolt of confidence that ignites a glow within. When you enhance how you feel about yourself, beauty radiates from you even more.

Beauty is not a concept, but a cycle — a real one, in which the internal feeds the external and back again. As long as it’s replenished, the cycle never ends, and beauty never fades.

Therapy Salon was created as a space where that cycle could be replenished on both sides. Our hair, skin, and makeup services focus on appearance, of course — we employ a skilled style team at the top of their field, and use exceptional Aveda products. So you know you’ll always look great.

But your outward aesthetic is just one benefit of our services. Therapy Salon is a wholesome environment for employees and guests; it is free of chemicals, contaminants, and other toxins often found in salons. We are devoted to Aveda’s mission of ecological responsibility and of caring for the world we live in and everyone in it — starting with our elegant, holistic space.

Our devotion to client service and use of Aveda relaxation rituals ensures that every moment our guests spend time with us, they feel relaxed, indulged, valued, and cared for.

Therapy Salon is a space for our guests to take time for themselves, to recharge their batteries, to refill their own cup so that they can pour into others.

That’s Therapy.

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